Bee is more than just a bike.
It’s a new way to move around
in a faster, healthier and more sustainable way.

  • Going with your car may seem faster… but did you consider how long will it take to find a parking place? And the cost of the parking… or the risk to get a parking ticket? Consider to go with a bee instead: it will be healthier, cheaper, ...and maybe even faster!
  • Bee is also a nice and healthy activity for your spare time. Did you know that cycling is less harmful for your body than many other sport activities like jogging?
  • If you are a visitor, bee is also a nice way to visit the city and its surroundings and to move around.

Bee is a better choice
than using your private bike:

  • Every time you ride bee, you are automatically insured for accidental injuries to other people or damage to third parties property, and on your personal injuries, up to 500.000 €! Note: the insurance does not operate if your alcohol level is over 0.5ppm!
  • The maintenance of the bike is on us: simply report what’s wrong and we’ll take care of it!
  • It’s easy to find a bee when you need it… and you can just leave it there when you don’t need it anymore.
  • While your bike is always at risk of be stolen, bee is not – you just have to close the lock every time you leave it alone. If another user rented it, you will find another one nearby if you need it again!

Why are we
doing it?

Our vision is to make our cities a better place to live and move in.
Europe is full of beautiful historical centers where unfortunately it’s difficult to freely move, due to car traffic.
Our aim is to reduce – and potentially eliminate – traffic from many European cities.
...bee part of this change!