Note: as soon as you unlock the bike, carefully try the steering wheel, the seat and the brakes.
In case you discover any issue, close the bike immediately:
nothing will be charged if the bike is closed within the first minute of ride.
Then, please report the issue using the [wrench symbol] button.

Parking areas

when you park the bike, always check on the map that you are in a parking area:

  • you can park in any bike and motorbike parking parking spot: you’ll see them listed on the app as well, with a P sign)
  • if you are on a yellow area, you can also park on the side of a walking path, conditioning to the fact that it’s remaining at least 1.5m of free passage for wheelchairs, considering also the rest of the street furniture such as lights and other objects.

No parking areas

if you park in the red areas you will have a 30 euro automatic fine. The fine will be increased up to 300 euros if the bike is lost or seriously damaged (for example, falling into the water, disabling the electronic lock).