Reshaping urban mobility.
Bike & scooter sharing, made easy.
bee fast. bee smart. bee happy.


Would you like to operate your own fleet? 

Why use bee?

Bee is more than just a bike.
It makes you faster, healthier and it’s sustainable.
Do you want to learn why?
why it’s better than owning a private bike? 
why we are doing it?


How it works

It’s super easy:

  • Download bee app in your phone and sign in
  • Locate a bee bike or scooter
  • Unlock it using bee app and ride... drive responsibly!
  • At destination, park it where allowed and lock it
  • Remember to end the ride on the bee app



Top up and ride whenever you want!

0.30€per 5 mins

When you start your ride, you’ll be charged 0.30€.
After 5 minutes of ride, you’ll be charged another 0.30€, and so on


Monthly subscription


Are you a resident?
You can consider a subscription for just 8€ per month,
which includes 4 rides per day
(max 20 mins each)

All the amounts are charged from a pre-paid wallet.
You can load your wallet using any Debit or Credit card. The minimum payment is 5€.

Important: always close the locker if you have to leave the bike unattended.
Don't worry: you’ll be able to start a new ride for free if your 20-minute ride time is not expired!

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